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Friday Flavours #10

The experts on our team regularly bring you a selection of recommendations and insights related to environmental and social responsibility. Whether it's an enticing book, an intriguing article, a project supporting a great cause or a helpful tool, we'll share our thoughts on why this particular piece spoke to us and why we think this particular topic is important.

Let us know what you think about our recommendations and insights, or whether you’d like to share some of your own tips with us - we’d love to hear from you.


Have you heard this one before at work? "Let's leave it for the summer; it will be much quieter then." So when summer finally arrives, you end up with a long to-do list and no idea where to start. Goblin Tools is a clever app developed to help neurodivergent people manage tasks more effectively, but it's also great for anyone dealing with procrastination, time blindness, decision fatigue, anxiety, or task prioritisation. Some features include Magic ToDo, which breaks tasks into smaller, manageable steps (almost infinitely); the Formalizer, which adjusts your text to be more formal, easier to read, or less sarcastic; and the Judge, which interprets the tone of your messages and emails—crucial in this digital age when email tone can be easily misread. And while Goblin Tools won't solve all your problems and complex projects will still need more of your specific input, it provides a helpful starting point when you feel overwhelmed.


This month the Danish anti-food-waste app "Too Good to Go" was launched in Prague. The service cooperates with restaurants and cafes to enable customers to buy food that is leftover at the end of the day at a reduced price. If you sign up, you can pick up your surprise bag of goodies at a given time. So far the famous Mysak confectionary and Costa Coffee are signed up, with hopefully many more to join. According to Eurostat, around 91kg of food is wasted per capita in the Czech Republic each year. Reducing food waste at home is something I try to do anyway, but now this is a great opportunity to also help restaurants reduce their waste. I'm curious to see how the app works in practice and will definitely be testing it out!


Summer months bring back memories of holidays when we used to pick fresh sweet fruit in grandma's garden. Currants for pies, cherries for snacks, or mirabelles just as a treat. However, when you live in a city apartment, you don’t always have such a garden at your disposal. That’s why I was excited when my friends recommended the Na Ovoce app. Thanks to a community of fresh fruit and other delicacies enthusiasts, you can find publicly accessible trees, bushes, or herbs on the map. This app not only supports local communities but also reduces food waste and promotes sustainable ways of sourcing food. Whether you want to reminisce about childhood like I do or show your children something new, download Na Ovoce on your phone and start harvesting! For professionals in sustainability, Na Ovoce is a great tool not only for personal use but also as inspiration for community projects and initiatives to support a sustainable lifestyle.


Summertime is here, and that means thinking about sun protection. The issue is that standard sunscreens can be harmful to the environment, especially if you swim in the sea. Every year, swimming releases about 6,000 tonnes of chemicals into the oceans that are harmful to corals and marine life. Particularly problematic are the substances vobenzone, homosalate, octocrylene, and octisalate, commonly used in sunscreens. Unfortunately, even sunscreens with the "coral-safe" label can still contain harmful substances. So next time you're buying sunscreen, try to choose more environmentally friendly products with the label 'reef- or coral-safe.


I've noticed that a lot of people around me still buy small plastic water bottles whenever they get thirsty. Why is it better to carry your own - ideally stainless steel/glass - water bottle? Apart from the cliché that you'll be doing something good for yourself and the planet, reasons might include: 1) You have your refreshment on you at all times and need to look for a shop. 2) In a stainless steel bottle, the water will stay nice and cold for longer. 3) Stainless steel/glass doesn't release harmful substances into the water, whereas studies show that plastic ones do, including heavy metals. 4) Microplastics are everywhere and can't be completely avoided, but why increase the amount of them in your body by drinking plastic water? 5) You will save money. Do you have a bottle at home and just don't carry it? Try and carry it with you. Don't have one? Treat yourself to a nice, non-plastic bottle that will keep you company for years.


Critical thinking and developing a culture of focus and high productivity are vital for the sustained success of any organization. The "Deep Work" book by Cal Newport is essential for roles - particularly in consulting - where thought leadership and impactful, innovative output are paramount. This book offers strategies to significantly enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. I highly recommend it for all professionals seeking to excel in their fields, as it provides invaluable insights into achieving peak productivity and cognitive excellence. Here is the link to a blog that acts as a guide to hone your deep work potential:


As consumers, we have the opportunity to play our part in improving the environment through the choices we make every day. One effective way is to buy food from local farmers. Not only does it shorten the expensive and energy-intensive supply chain, but it also supports those who farm responsibly. Plus, it's a joy to learn the stories behind the food on our plates. A few years ago, I made the decision to cut down on supermarket shopping myself and started looking for a way to source local produce. Although it may seem challenging and complicated at first, there are several solutions: the Association of Private Agriculture offers a directory of farms where you can buy directly from the farmyard. Community Supported Agriculture (KPZ) is a model that allows you to join a local association and purchase local produce on a regular basis within the community. The KPZ and small farms map was prepared by Hnutí Duha. The platform has an e-shop that offers a wide range of food from local farmers with a network of pick-up points across the country and the possibility of delivery in Prague. You can read about each farmer's story and learn where the products come from.


Many vegetables and fruits do not qualify for sale in stores due to their size, shape, or unattractive appearance. However, this doesn't mean they are not good for consumption. Portals connecting farmers with consumers, such as "Wojna Warzyw" in Poland, help combat food waste. How does it work? I subscribe to a regular delivery, either weekly or monthly, and each time I receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables. I don't know exactly what will be in the box, but I do know that these are fresh products that have been withdrawn from sale. By purchasing them, I can save them from being thrown away and buy them at a lower price. The equivalent on the Czech market might be KPZ, although I do not have experience with this platform.
Friday Flavours